Every cannabis enthusiast needs some cool apps to make sure they have the latest marijuana news. That is why we have put together this guide to show you some of our faves.


Best Buds is a downloadable app available on both iOS and Android. The app lists pictures of your favorite ganja, information on a number of strains, dispensaries near you, and even cannabis rewards programs.

It’s a simple, clean-and-green interface that’s pretty easy to navigate, making it the perfect app if tech isn’t your thing.

What We Like: Easy-to-use, rewards programs, updated regularly.

What We Don’t Like: Limited dispensaries listed.


While Meadow is currently limited to the San Francisco area, the app is available for Californian medical patients. The company will even help you set up an in-home doctor’s appointment to help you get medicinal cannabis.

What We Like: High-quality pictures, good service, wide variety.

What We Don’t Like: Limited to the San Francisco area.


Frweed+ is one of the best resources for information on strains and the location of strains. The company recently released the “new-and-improved” Every Strain, but we prefer the old school Frweed+. It seems to work much better.

What We Like: Variety of strains, high-quality pictures, good information.

What We Don’t Like: The interface could be more user-friendly.


Marijuana Handbook Lite is the perfect resource for medicinal (and recreational) cannabis users to learn about the many different strains that are out there. There are maps, a strain library, and even a cookbook!

What We Like: The variety of features (especially the cookbook), good information.

What We Don’t Like: The interface could be more user-friendly.


Weedmaps is a fantastic resource for both Android and iOS. This is one of many apps that finds dispensaries near you, but Weedmaps is one of the few apps that can brag a worldwide selection of dispensaries.

What We Like: Wide variety, dispensary details, updated often.

What We Don’t Like: Has some unfixed bugs, crashes often.


If you’ve been looking for the Facebook of marijuana apps, look no further! Duby is a social networking app that anonymously connects you with other cannabis enthusiasts. Share your rolling skills and make everyone jealous!

What We Like: Simple interface, good connections.

What We Don’t Like: We like everything!



Leafly is the most popular and best app for all marijuana enthusiasts. This is because it features news, a comprehensive strain library, and amazing deals.

What We Like: User-friendly, simple interface, wide variety of strains listed, great deals.

What We Don’t Like: We love everything about Leafly!