Becoming an adult is a rite of passage that every single person living in the world has to go through at some point or another during their lifetime, and there is a pretty good chance that buying a car is a major aspect of this aforementioned rite of passage. There is a pretty good chance that this goes far beyond the practical benefits of cars and also tends to involve what they are supposed to represent from a symbolic point of view.

After all, owning a car means that you have complete freedom to go wherever you want whenever the desire strikes you. The truth of the situation is that you need to get a DVLA number plate before you can start driving around, so you might want to get this squared away before you move on to other matters that you perceive to be of a high enough level of importance. The DVLA can make your number plate for you, but on the off chance that you have a very specific sequence of letters and numerals in mind, you can go to an auction where they would have some of those numbers up for sale.

The fact of the matter is that this is only going to be necessary for people that have a strong desire for a number plate sequence that is exactly what they had in mind initially. Don’t go for it if you’re fine with any random sequence of numbers and letters, but bear in mind that custom number plates can be incredibly valuable and what’s even more pertinent is that they increase in value which means you can make a profit from them.