A lot of the things that you might be trying to do in life can often seem deceptively simple, but that simplicity belies the true nature of all of these affairs for the most part. For example, if you notice some carpenter ants that are giving you sleepless nights, you might think that dousing them with insecticide is the right way to go about getting rid of them. While this is definitely quite a permanent solution, suffice it to say that it would also leave a toxic layer of chemicals on your surfaces that can make you gravely ill if you were to ingest them due to no fault of your own.

Everyone should learn that Carpenter Ant Removal | A1 Pest Control & Bed Bugs does not have to involve the use of such poisonous substances. The reason behind this is that something as simple as soap and water can do the trick. You might be skeptical that soapy water would have the desired effect, but trying it out would reveal to you that it is not a hoax in the slightest.

Wiping your counters down with soapy water is usually going to be enough to keep carpenter ants at bay, but you should also take steps to spray the ants with the liquid when you see them. You will immediately see them writhing and dying when you do this, so if you need any further proof that what we are telling you is actually factual, this is what you should explore. Soap can be extremely toxic to these ants, but it is not toxic to humans so it’s a solid compromise all in all.