The teeth that you have in your mouth mainly exist to fulfill a singular purpose: helping you chew and predigest your food so that it becomes easier to swallow and as if that weren’t already enough you would be able to extract more nutrients from well chewed food to boot. However, suffice it to say that teeth also play a role in determining how attractive we seem to those that are around us. Teeth that are crooked or yellow are often perceived to be less attractive, so if you want to improve your dating game you might want to get them whitened by heading on over to a dental clinic.

That said, you should know that even the best teeth whitening out there would not do you much good if you start smoking right after it gets done. We often get asked about how long one should expect their teeth whitening to last, and this is something that is contingent on several different factors. You could potentially make the whitening last for upwards of three years, but that would only be possible if you don’t consume things that would stain your teeth.

Drinking fizzy beverages and smoking can make your teeth really yellow yet again, and if you take part in such activities you might not be able to keep your teeth white beyond a few short months. Changing up your habits is one of the best ways to make it so that your teeth stay in tiptop shape. You should start off by quitting smoking cigarettes, and avoiding sugary fizzy drinks is also something that might be well worth your while from a teeth coloring point of view.