The legal systems of various countries tend to be quite different from one another because there is a pretty good chance that all of these countries are looking to uphold different values from one another. This means that the amount of time that you would need to spend before you can become a lawyer would start to be highly different as well, but if we look at how this process can be completed in America suffice it to say that a pretty clear picture will start to form.

This is because of the fact that the various attorneys in Dekalb, IL that you would be talking to will all have gone through around eight years of studying. The first four years will involve them being in some kind of a pre-law program during which they would major in a social science or something else that would benefit them when they finally become a proper lawyer in the future. The truth of the situation is that after you finish four years of preparation, you will have to apply to a law school where you will spend an additional four years.

The fact of the matter is that these four years are going to be some of the most grueling of your life, but you can make them easier for yourself by focusing on what truly matters. Once these four years have passed you will have obtained your Juris Doctor and you can then give your bar exam. This sometimes takes an additional year so you should prepare to invest about nine years of your life before you can actually start practicing as some kind of a lawyer.