One of the most egregious mistakes that anyone can make with respect to knife maintenance and care is to wash their blade with water. There is a pretty good chance that doing so would leave you with a knife that is rusted beyond repair, but this doesn’t change the necessity of cleaning knives. After all, your blade will be covered with blood, grease and all sorts of other things while you are using it, especially if you are utilizing a knife that is specifically made for hunting trips and the like.

Hence, learning a thing or two about how you should clean your damascus hunting knife will be a fruitful pursuit for you to undertake. Let’s start by addressing the reality that water is necessary for cleaning most things, knives included. This is because of the fact that it’s the only substance that can stick to dirt and allow it to come off of a surface, but the truth of the situation is that you can’t douse your knife in water due to the aforementioned damaging side effect.

Wiping your blade with a damp cloth should do the trick though, and you can also use rubbing alcohol to sanitize it. The fact of the matter is that oiling your blade after cleaning it with the bare minimum quantity of water that you can make do with will prevent any potential rusting from occurring. Simple techniques like this can allow your knife to last upwards of a decade before you need a new one. It can also smooth out nicks and notches that will give your knife a very rough edge that will make slicing much harder all in all.