I recently came across Tang Walker in its concentrate form at LiveGreen Edgewater in the metro-Denver area. I’d never heard of the strain before, but I was excited to try it.


Honestly, Tang Walker is such a new hybrid that we do not know a whole lot about it.

What we do know is that the strain takes on a deep, marigold tone. The concentrate is a blonde and it seems to have more sativa-like properties.


Tang Walker has a citrusy flavor with light, earthy aromatic notes. The concentrate takes on more lemony notes than the flower.



Tang Walker is just the right amount of sativa to indica to wake you up as it takes the edge off. It is an uplifting strain, giving it anti-anxiety properties.


Although Tang Walker makes you feel quite awake and alert, it does not subtract from that “happy, floaty” feeling either. The euphoria is quite strong, so beware of the giggles if you tend to get a little too well-humored while under the influence.


The relaxing, yet awake and thoughtful high is enough to stimulate the mind without stepping into anxious territory. This promotes the most creative element for an artist, a writer, or a musician.

Pain Relief

I am a sufferer of chronic back pain, and I found that in its concentrate form, Tang Walker was the perfect fix for daytime use.



A lot of strains that have anti-anxiety and antidepressant-like properties tend to put you to sleep, but Tang Walker won’t do that. Instead, it’ll give you a bit of a pick-me-up while it calms you down, putting you in the perfect state of tranquility to face your day.


Perfect for managing daytime pain, Walker Tang keeps you awake, yet pain-free all day. I suffer from chronic back pain and do not struggle with it when I use this strain.


If you tend to fall asleep on yourself during the day, give this strain a shot. It will keep you alert without stressing you out like a lot of stimulants.

Lack of Appetite

If you struggle eating for any reason, physical or psychological, this strain may help you eat, as it makes you quite hungry.


Dry Mouth

Like most strains, Tang Walker is likely to make your mouth a little dry.

Dry Eye

Your eyes will feel like the Mojave with this hybrid. Eye drops are your friend!


Some sativa-dominant strains can lead to paranoia, especially if you’re susceptible to that kind of thing. If you experience this side effect, cease use of this strain.


Prepare some carrot sticks if you’re trying to watch your weight. This strain gives your stomach that “bottomless pit” feeling.


Though I would certainly smoke Tang Walker again, I’m not sure I would specifically seek it out. While it was nice, it was a little too sativa-dominant for me. However, if you are a sativa fan, I would recommend this hybrid for you.

Overall, I would give it a 4.2/5.