Lines are an important aspect of how we communicate with one another. Virtually every single language in the world, at least among those that use written script, has some form of line in its writing. Usually this line indicates the first of a numerical sequence such as the number 1 or it can sometimes be used to indicate the first letter of the alphabet which often makes an “ah” sound although this is by no means the only type of sound that various cultures associate with this type of shape.

Whatever the case may be, lines are instantly recognizable which is why we feel like you should consider using them on your Metal Business Cards at the end of the day. It is important to note that lines are incredibly versatile. You might assume that they are relatively limiting but in spite of the fact that this is the case you can do quite a lot with them as long as you start to open your mind up a little bit and find a way to explore possibilities that are decidedly out of the box and for that reason truly outstanding.

You can opt for bold lines or slim ones, with the former being more aggressive and the latter being a bit more minimalist and reserved. You can even use these lines to create a barcode of sorts that people can scan, or you can just have them as ornaments to your business card. A metal card allows things like this to be possible, and you can do a lot with them if you manage to get the lines engraved on the card rather than printed on all in all.