As homeowners, it is our job and personal responsibility to take care of our homes, and at times be proactive about it.  One investment you should make is to call in a home inspector annually to just check up on your house and make sure there are no problems or potential problems that are developing, in which case they can be handled before they turn into a bigger and more expensive problem to deal with. One such problem that plagues homeowners is the risk of mold growing in their homes. Mold, especially black mold can become a pretty dangerous problem to have to deal with. You can always opt for mold testing in Atlanta if you have any doubts regarding a potential mold issue in your home.

If we brush up on science and home basics, mold is a sort of fungi. Fungi tend to spread and grow through spores which they release. These spores are usually microscopic and are dispersed through the wind. These spores will then land in various areas, and if the conditions of the area they tend to settle in are optimum for their growth, they will then continue to grow, release more spores, and then expand in size.

The conditions that are optimal for mold growth include dampness, moisture, and especially less or no sunlight. This is why basements are usually the most susceptible spots in the house when it comes to mold growth. Similarly, if you have an area of the house where there is water damage, or generally a lot of moisture, then that can also become a cause for mold growth. If you have doubts and want to verify whether or not you might have a mold problem in your home, you can reach to a professional service and have them come and look.