There is nothing stopping you from becoming a private investigator with a college degree as long as you apply for a license and passed the required test, but there is a pretty good chance that acquiring the right kind of academic credentials can go a long way towards securing your place in this competitive industry. What’s more is that studying the right degree at college is something that can make your job a lot easier for you due to the reason that you would have a lot of knowledge that would be ideally suited to the requirements of your profession.

Different people will have their own opinions with respect to the optimal degree required to work at a prestigious place like, but the truth of the situation is that you can’t go wrong with a degree in criminal psychology. This is because of the fact that this degree will give you a good idea of how a criminal might think, and chances are that this would come in handy so many times that you would be grateful that your degree gave you the information that is currently inside of your cranium.

You can also try going for a law degree, but the fact of the matter is that that is a very difficult subject to clear and you might be better off becoming a lawyer if you manage to complete it. A criminal psychology degree is uniquely suited to the needs of a private investigator’s day to day routine, and completing it would potentially make you one of the greatest PIs that the world has ever seen up until right now which is quite undeniably amazing.