Periodontists are specialists who specifically deal with periodontal disease. You can visit a periodontist to help you with prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease.

As the name suggests, periodontists deal with areas around your teeth. These professionals go through extensive training to become certified to perform dental surgeries on their clients.

Gum health is one of the most important things for your teeth health. At some point in your life, you’ll need to get treatment from a periodontist  in Mission Bay, CA for your oral health.

Using Antibiotics

If your gums get infected and you don’t take proper care of them, the infection can get severe, and cause deep pockets to emerge around your teeth. If you don’t visit a periodontist soon enough, the infection can gradually get worse.

Whenever your periodontist makes a treatment plan for you, they will compile scaling and planing, and use antibiotics as well to help make things easier for you. These medicines are made to help you get rid of bacterial infections.

Prevention is Always Better

Preventing an oral disease is always better than curing it. That’s why you should always visit your dentist for biannual checkups.

However, if you do not go for regular dental checkups, tartar might build up on your teeth, and that doesn’t go away without a proper treatment from your periodontist.

Proper Maintenance

If you have already had a periodontal treatment done on you, you should visit a periodontist every four months for proper maintenance. This provides your periodontist with a good situation to see how far you’ve come, or if you have started to build that tartar once again. This way, you can get yourself properly checked before the tartar does any significant damage to your teeth and gums. Various dental maintenance methods might be applied by the dentist to help with your current situation.