It is really important for kids to be taught about the law, but we are of the opinion that not enough effort is put into telling kids why these laws exist in the first place and why the punishments for them might be so harsh. The reason for a murder being punished so severely makes a lot of sense actually and does not require any kind of explanation. In spite of the fact that this is the case, things like punishments for DUI charges might not be easy for kids to understand since they might think that no one was hurt because of the act at least at first.

It is important to note that people pretty much always hire lawyers after this type of arrest and the reason for this is that they know that the law is going to come down really hard on them. Driving under the influence is punished so severely because if it becomes widespread in society all kinds of deaths could occur. Someone that drives while being drunk or high or intoxicated in some other manner can potentially kill someone else that would not have done anything wrong, and in situations where there is a lot of traffic on the road the number of deaths can go well into the dozens especially if a pileup of cars were to occur.

This shows that DUI charges are strict because they are for the greater good of the public. If drivers are discouraged from drinking and driving due to the reason that they are wary of the harsh penalties that can be given out this can create a much safer society for everyone which is great.